Her passion is to paint water.  

What she wants to depict in her painting is the moment of tranquility.  


'It is the moment things slow down, very quiet, beautiful and, it feels like you are right here.   It doesn't matter that you are standing in the pond with strong wind in the noisy place.  The moment exists everywhere, but you can only encounter it when you breath with the earth.  The moment is very subtle, it only stays for a little while usually, but painting the moment tunes me again to being there. I love painting it. It is my life challenge how often I can see it, how long I can stay there. This challenge and painting is inseparable.  It would be wonderful if my painting can bring you to this moment.'


Four years after arriving in Australia from Japan in 2005, Ai started this journey.  She trained under Marcel Desbiens for several years. In 2010,  she won the inaugural Lethbridge 10000 art award with 'Suns Swimming with Lillies'.  Since then she has been showing her paintings annually at Lethbridge Gallery in Paddington, as well as exhibiting her work at art fairs in Sydney, Melbourne, San Diego and Hong Kong.